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"I don’t want to just turn up, and have beautiful models to take cool photos of... I wanted in on this one because I know what I’m doing isn’t where my creativity wants to take me. That’s where this comes in; to hopefully guide me and help me to break through into the real expression of what I can see in my mind but can’t quite get out into the world yet.

It's going to be soul shifting, I can feel it in my bones."

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Welcome to This Is Unburden workshops

- cinematic storytelling workshops in the UK -

This is not your run-of-the-mill, beautifully romantic photography workshop; this is a place to celebrate true unbridled creativity. I want to share my weird and wonderful ideas with you and teach you how to create your own unique concepts, all the way from inspiration to execution.

Including shorter mini concepts to full day intensive workshops, no matter your skill level, come and learn in an exciting, safe environment and stretch your creative legs.

From couples to maternity to individual concepts, you can expect fine art, cinematic & creative visuals alongside in-depth guided education. Let's do something different. All you need is a camera and an open mind. 

Let me give you the tools to liberate yourself. This is play time.


This Is Unburden Workshop by Emily Joan

- fine art photography workshops in the UK -

Who am I?

I'm Emily Joan; lover of ponderous, unconventional beauty. Most commonly said phrase is 'can we get a bit weird for a sec?'.

My work and concepts often revolve around a feeling of coming home, finding solace or some sort of resolution, even if the resolution is accepting the fact that nothing will change. My ideas lay somewhere on the edge of reality, occasionally teetering over, sometimes pulling back.


I love tension and melancholy, grit and chaos, joy and serenity, and I refuse to choose just one. Each concept and workshop will be different from one another whilst still oozing cinematic Unburden atmosphere, emotion and edge. So, if you're into a concept, book on quick; I wont be doing it again.

I really believe I can offer something unique to the photography workshop space and I can't wait to see what we create.

Top image by Lauren Gaia Photography, bottom image by Rebel Voyage Photography

Is Unburden for you?

You want to capture something different to your typical family shoot or wedding. You'd love to capture the world more cinematically but don't know where to start. You want to break free from the creative chains that social media, niches & imposter syndrome wrap around us. If you relate to any of those, these workshops are for you.


These are not portfolio building events. I really want to focus on giving you the tools to go out and create magic for yourselves; the images are just a bonus. Push yourself creatively & capture something wild with me.


Community is everything

Photography can be a lonely place. Meeting other creatives has propelled my learning and connected me with some truly beautiful souls. I have met some of my closest tog friends through workshops. Having different creative minds all in the same room making art is so important for our souls and growth and I can't wait to connect & learn from each and every one of you.

This is a safe, inclusive space. There will be no discrimination of gender, race or sexual orientation against attendees or models. Thank you for helping me foster a respectful & nurturing environment for everyone involved and keeping art as the focus.



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This Is Unburden Workshop by Emily Joan

- cinematic storytelling photography workshops in the UK -
fine art | couples | maternity

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