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The Art Of Cropping Masterclass

The Art Of Cropping Masterclass

Your artistic expression doesn't end at the click of the shutter, it only just begins.


A must-have for any photographer wanting to take their storytelling to the next level. This comprehensive digital booklet and film covers everything from basic tips and tricks to essential mindset changes, making it accessible for all skill levels. Cropping is such an important and impactful tool that when harnessed intentionally, we can tell our stories so much more effectively. With this masterclass, learn how to find the gold in your images, hone in on your artistic sight and show us what you see, what you value. You'll see your work in a whole new way.


You will gain --


  • A new zest for creation & art-making
  • A brand new perspective on your existing work, seeing unlimited possibilities unfold before you
  • A deep understanding of storytelling through composition
  • The confidence & freedom of creative play and the doors it opens



What's in store --


  • A 43 min demo video & a comprehensive PDF booklet for you to peruse at your leisure

  • Real-time decision making, thought processes & tutorials

  • Before & afters, mini galleries & mindset shifts

  • Tailored for all skill levels


Start finding stunning, unique images in your own work today with The Art of Cropping Masterclass.

  • Upon purchase you will recieve a digital download for a PDF booklet and a link to the 43min film. 

  • Due to the nature of the product, refunds & returns are unavailable.

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