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The Woman Who Shaped Me: A Love Letter To My Mum

A mother's love is such a strong thing.

My mum has fought tooth and nail for me; for my right to an education, for a proper diagnosis, and for my happiness. She has put in so many hours of blood, sweat and tears, hard graft and unending paperwork, all whilst dealing with the trauma and emotional hardship of caring for a sick child.

Through all of that, she has never once made me question her love. Never made me feel bad for the nights she spent awake worrying, trying to find specialists, writing emails. Never judged me for wanting to socialise and knock myself up for 2 weeks, or to isolate myself completely. She constantly researched my symptoms, causes and potential remedies for them, all to understand me more and help me through it. I would sometimes forget that she didn't have M.E with me just because she understood it so much.

Mum has been so supportive with my art and photography journey. There is no hesitation when I ask to take pictures of her, to get up at 6am to chase the sunrise in a floaty dress, or to model her beautiful skin for a brand shoot.

I wanted some photos of the two of us. I wanted to show that I'm ok, I'm all grown up and I can look after her now. To come together as two adults with endless amounts of love for each other, and show her that she's done her job. Make her feel as safe and loved as she has to me.

Here are those photos. Love you Louby Lou.

If you would like to spend some precious time with your mum/caregiver/person you adore, I would love to capture your relationship. The button below will take you to my contact from where you can get in touch for a pressure-free chat. Can't wait to hear from you!

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