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The Reminder: How to reach creative freedom

A short and sweet blog post for you because that's the only way I can absorb information nowadays, I don't know about you. I keep reaching for this end point of freedom within art. I did this with therapy; I thought I would reach a point where I'm fixed, I'm a shiny perfect person and I'll never be unreasonably sad or need therapy again. I've realised I'm doing the same with creative freedom. I keep thinking I'm going to reach a point where I am completely liberated, I never second guess myself, I'm completely free in my thinking and can create in whatever way moves me in that moment. I even thought I hit that for a second. But we all know that isn't really likely. As artists we naturally ebb & flow with confidence and anxiety. But maybe it's not actually about reaching that unreachable point. Maybe it's about consciously and consistently reminding ourselves that we can create in whichever way we need. That whatever is moving us is valid.

Surround yourself with people who remind you, and remind others in return. Unknowingly or not, you will be creating work that reminds someone of this; that it's ok to capture whatever you want. Share whatever you feel. That an image of the sky is just as valid as a portrait.

No one sees what you see. And it's ok to wobble within these chains, I don't think as artists we will ever truly be free of them. But we can keep this promise of reminding ourselves by staying true to what fills us up inside. We can be aware of the chains and do it anyway. That's something we can all do.

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