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The Personal Reason Behind TIU Workshops

There's been a few things mirrored back to me in the last few days that really clarified again why I am going down the workshop route. It's felt like a really long, arduous journey to get the point I'm now at within myself; leaving doubt behind, keeping up creative momentum, not getting stuck. Trusting myself - that's a big one. I have been paralysed by fear, generally but also creatively, for as long as I can remember. Champion over-thinker & self-doubter. Seriously, give me medals.

I think this is why it means so much to me. This is my lived experience. It's why I chose the name Unburden, to unburden ourselves of all this negative unhelpful shit we collect over time. I've been there, in the complete depths of despair (not to be dramatic) unable to move or claw my way out. The old 'fuck you' your brain gives you when you have a slight glimmer of an idea that you thought could be cool so you push it back down. The 'oh but what's the point?' so nothing changes. Trapped and frustrated so much by comparison that I even wrote a blog post about it. I can't tell you crazy and wild and good it feels to finally be here, standing on my own two beautifully bizarre feet, having found my way through and out, experimenting, playing, creating without the fucking monkey on my back. Saying to all of you: it's possible, I know it because I've done it and I want to to help you do it too.

Apologies if that sounds a bit cryptic, but what I mean to say is creating should be fun. Let's remember why we chose this path. We're artists. We love to create. It fills us up. We should be able to explore, play, experiment, do it badly, get weird, fuck it up. The past 6 months have been monumental for me and it's all down to a mindset shift. Little promises that I kept to myself and proved I can take my ideas, however small, from my brain and into the world, and how good that made me feel. How, eventually, the feeling I got from creating personal art overpowered what anyone else may have thought about it. Now that was a big one.

With these workshops I'm going to give you actionable tasks and tools to start building that self trust up so that we can follow through on our ideas, no matter what we want to create. The atmosphere will be just like me: friendly, silly, approachable, non-judgemental and absolutely not intimidating. I know I can get a bit serious when writing but I am a giant goofball who just wants to make art. We may have different styles, that's great; I actively encourage you finding your own way. The guidance I'll be giving isn't exclusive to my style and the work I create. It's simply the keys to unlock those hefty chains that we haven't noticed wrapping around us.

This is my main goal now. To help you lose the doubt too. To bring you to where I am; a creative fucking utopia where there are no limits, no wrong ideas and complete creative control !!!!!

This Is Unburden Workshop 001 goes lives tomorrow (Friday 24th) at 8pm. If you're feeling it's time to to leave the monkey behind, this is for you. All the info and details are on my Instagram in my highlights. To join my mailing list, click the button below and get access to Early Bird tickets which are a lovely £100 off for 24 hours. This is it guys. Are you ready?!

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