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Love Is Genderless: A Soft, Intimate Couples Session in The Studio

Back in May, I put out a model call for any couples willing to be partially or fully nude for a free session at my home studio in Sheffield. I always include that any gender, race, size or sexuality is welcome, just in case people aren't sure. Jade and Sophie, a long distance couple who both use she/they pronouns, responded. I'm so glad they did. They arrived and quickly changed into their matching outfits; a simple white set with an oversized white shirt, and giggled their way through the hour.

It had been on my mind that as an LGBTQIA+ member myself, I had no work representing this beautiful and important community - not by choice, it just doesn't seem to fall that way, unfortunately. So I was over the moon that they were up for it.

I'm in love with their photos. You can feel their softness, the care in each little stroke. The secret smiles, the quiet intimacy.

I would love more LGBTQIA+ representation in my work, so if you are or anyone you know are thinking about capturing their love story, I'd love to be considered. I'll leave a button to take you to my couples portfolio so you can have a little look, and hopefully see more diverse faces in there in the future.

Here is Jade & Sophie in the studio, proving love is genderless.

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