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Empower Sessions: The Rise of the Divine Feminine

Celebrating and uplifting women (although not exclusively) has become increasingly important to me over the past year. Despite being a woman my whole life, I never really understood how amazing we are. We are bloody brilliant. It is so easy to forget and to let ourselves get swept away with life, god knows there is always something else to do, but we deserve to take the time to realise and to make ourselves a priority.

That’s what birthed my Empower sessions. Giving women and mothers the time to be celebrated and reconnect with the parts of ourselves that have been forgotten.

Katy was up first, and she blew my mind. The kindest, most generous and thoughtful person who has been through a lot, properly took my breath away dancing on the top of Fiddlers Elbow in the Peak District. Barefoot in November, wearing her silk wedding dress, we managed a random 2pm golden hour due to moody, passionate clouds. I may or may not have been screaming “this is f*cking amazing!!!” at the top of my lungs, composed as ever, obviously.

Her beauty radiated from her and it was beautiful to see. Just taking an hour for herself, to frolic around and not think about anything else other than her feet being a bit cold (ok, really cold). I wanted her to see herself how I was seeing her, truly beautiful, through fine art, emotional and raw images packed with the euphoria we were both feeling.

Selfishly, this gave me a feeling I never want to not feel, and I get it every time I witness someone relishing in their Empower session; I was so proud of her.

Like the sound of all of this? I want this for you, and you deserve to feel it. Have a look through my Empower portfolio to see if I'm the right woman for the job, and let's put you first.

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