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An Edgy Editorial Maternity Session at Flore House

Recently I travelled down from Sheffield to Northampton to spend the day running around Flore House as part of a Fields Photography Stories's Wild Women event. Shani was one of our models for the day so I stole her for a quick 15 min flash photography maternity session.

I knew I didn't want to go all soft with this maternity shoot. I fancied experimenting with edgy editorial flash and Flore House was the perfect vintage backdrop. I wanted to emulate old retro film photography, the kind you'd find in a shoebox under the bed of memories long forgotten. We worked our way from the foyer to the billiard room and had so much fun in those quick 15 minutes. Shani was so open to my ideas and energy; there was no judgement, we were just having fun. This makes your images sing. Pregnancy can very much be a rough ride and I want to help you let go of everything and keep you in this moment of freedom. True magic happens when you let yourself have fun with it.

The gallery starts off nice and slow and then really picks up. Shani has said she feels sexy in these photos which is not easy with a bump, and I'm right there with her. Sexy, casual, FUN, edgy editorial maternity session. I would love more maternity shoots like this, so if this is your vibe, get in touch.

This Is Emily Joan

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