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3 Reasons You Should Have Family Photos In The Bluebells

Family photos in the bluebells

It's that time of year again where periwinkle-blue sweeps over our forest floors. There's something so magical and dreamy about bluebells that make them the perfect backdrop for family shoots. So, in a pure attempt to get you to have some family photos amongst the bluebells in Sheffield, here are my 3 reasons why you should make the most of these beautiful carpets of blue.


It's a great excuse to go for a walk

You'd be doing this anyway, right? Why not be captured in a gorgeous environment doing something you already love to do as a family? Wander barefoot, find logs to sit on, maybe take a picnic. It's as laid back as it sounds (depending on moods, but I love a good frown), just your family as you are, because that's what matters.

It's the perfect environment for kids

The sea of bluebells can be so mesmerising and sensory for children, not to mention how cute they look amongst them. There are lots of prompts I can use to get the most of out of you & the kids, like having a little word with the bluebells, listening to them. Picking (just a few) and making flower crowns. Yummy sentimental memory-makers.

Seasonal is nostalgic

Because we only have the bluebells for such a short amount of time, it adds such value to them and makes it all the more special. In years to come you'll remember gathering the troops and heading into the woods to be amidst nature, just for the sake of it. And you'll have stunning photos to transport you right back to this moment.


Book before they're gone

I hope I've convinced you to make the most of these dreamy florals and get some treasured photos with the kids. They really are gorgeous and the images will transport you right back to spring every time you look at the prints on the wall; something that really helps through the winter months. If you would like to book a family shoot with me I would love that! I am based in Sheffield and know a few lovely spots, but happy to travel as well. We have until about the end of May before they leave us again, so click here to get in touch. See you in the bluebells soon!

This Is Emily Joan

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