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Image Use & Licensing

Commissioned Shoots

If you've commissioned me to create work for your business / project then image use will, in most cases, be included in the fee that you've already paid and details will be available in your contract. If you're uncertain about usage please do drop me an email.

Licensing Images

If you are a third party (non direct client / Press / Business / Agency / etc) wishing to use an image(s) for commercial use* then image licensing fees will apply. Please see the rate card below for a guideline. A more comprehensive quote can be obtained via email.

Please note that I do not supply images to promote your business / commercial ventures for free apart from selected Charities. I offer special rates for small businesses, Social Enterprises and Charitable Organisations at my discretion.


Web Use

One off images for social media/ website use for articles (single use)


from £35

Print Media

One off images for magazines/ newspapers/ zines (per image)


from £50


Images for use in video/ documentary content for TV/ online usage (per image)


from £35


Larger international circulation/ audiences (single use, per image)

from £125


Social Media

One off images for social media/ blogs (single use per image)




from £20**

Online Use


Business / Band / Group Website use, long term usage rather than on a blog (single use per image)



from £35**

Print Media

Brochures, posters, fliers, business cards etc not including products - see third party use (single use per image)

from £40**

Large Print

Where large resolution images are necessary, eg Billboards, Banners etc (single use per image)


from £60**

Other Third Party


Social Media/ Website/ Blogs (single use per image)



from £35

Print Use

For promotional/ marketing reasons (not including goods for sale)

from £50


Image licensing for use on products/ goods to be sold (including records, CDs etc)


Please contact for a bespoke quote

*Commercial Use is defined as "a photograph that is used to help sell, advertise or market a product, service, person or persons. All photographs seen in magazines, online publications, billboards, book covers, in brochures or on posters all fall under commercial photography


**Small business / Charity / Social Enterprise rates available

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