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Through dusty worn down albums,

for future eyes

Photography is a record. It is rarely for you now. It's for future eyes. It's a portal for your grown children, flicking through dusty albums, discovering themselves and their parents young. It allows you to relive the memories of carrying your first born, rediscovering this person you used to be. It transports you back to a moment in time that maybe didn't feel all that special but has grown in nostalgia with each year passed.

PREGNANCY & newborn

You deserve to feel as magical as the life you've created. I want to show you that you are beautiful, powerful and stronger than you know as you move through the next adventures of parenthood.


Flexible sessions in-home or in the wild.

Let's honour the journey you're on as it evolves.


15 hand-edited high res images to choose from a full gallery. Option to upgrade to the full gallery and purchase prints. Access to my client closet for beautiful dresses, blankets, baby clothes and fabrics.